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Espacio natural en La Manche

Le Manche department's name is related to the sea by which it is bathed and which provides it with a unique natural border, surrounded by more than 300 km of coastline.

Idyllic bays, wild and craggy mountains, outstanding island and the internationally famous Mount. Traditionally, Le Manche is a maritime area. However, it would not be fair to minimize its strengths just to its coast.

The originality of Le Manche also lies on its land, which is totally devoted to those who deserve it.

The economic activities are delivered in a balanced way and they form an enterprising economic network where there is a combination between a diversified industrial sector, food industry, metallurgy, and nuclear energy, active craftsmen (buildings and public work, treatment of textile, etc.), a vast agriculture (daily products, gardening and horse industry) and of course the fishing and aquaculture, evident and necessary, with a great oyster tank, which become it the first international producer concentrated on 3 ports (Cherbourg, Granville and Saint-Vaas-la-Hougue).

Surface: 5,938 km2
492,563 inhabitants. 82 inhabitants per Km2
Morphology: It goes from North to South 150 Km. The maximum width from East to West is 54 Km.
Region: Low Normandy
52 cantons and 601 municipalities.

The real cross of the Atlantic Arch of the department of Le Manche has got a strategic geographical position in the west part of the old continent, between Great Britain, Northern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula.


Logotipo Consejo General de La Manche

The Conseil Général is a local collective which at the same time attends to municipalities and inhabitants. Its aim is to attend to all services. It is the sector which guarantees solidarity in the area.

Together with the Community and the Region, it is a local collective. It is managed by an assembly. The Conseil Général is formed by women and men which are chosen by direct universal suffrage, its general councillors and its chairman.

The Conseil Général is the organism which takes decisions in its department and its responsibilities are local ones:

●Social Action
●Infrastructures (roads and ports)
●Formation and quality of life

However, the department must be in charge of the development of its area. The Conseil Général of Le Manche has organised its work into four thematic departments:

●Social aspects
●Young people and Environment

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